Hello, I’m Matthew,

I talk about selling, primarily (but not exclusively) for small business owners.

I’ve been called a “tough-love business guru” by Glamour Magazine.

I’m the head of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training, where business coaches learn their craft.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services recognize me as a “Coach of Business Coaches of Extraordinary Ability”. My wife has choicer words.

I’m the author of How To Get A Grip, which has been called aggressive drivel and the most direct and simple book on getting yourself sorted out that you will ever read.”

Most of the time I write about sales and simplification. 

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I work with a small number of private clients every year.

I do my best work with “personality businesses” – where one face heads up the organization and drives sales and profit.

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Handsome fellowMatthew Kimberley is the Head of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training and author of the self-help classic, How To Get A Grip.

He trains sales teams and helps very small personality-led businesses get more customers.

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