Frequently Asked Questions

FAQThese questions keep popping up:

How many hours do you work a day?

Far too many. It used to be fewer. Now it’s not.

I’m failing repeatedly at implementing the Four Hour Work Week – although that was the book that inspired me to jack in the day job.

Seriously – some of my clients get to speak to me more than my wife does.

Aren’t sales trainers failed salespeople?

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The Untidy Verbosity of Vendors

DictionaryI’m noticing an unnerving trend towards verbosity.

To be verbose is to have “verbal diarrhea” – using too many words. Using the WRONG words is a problem as well, particularly with the service providers I’ve met lately.

When I ask them “what do you do?” they reply with a run-on sentence that begins with “well …” and goes on for five minutes.

Which is a bad start.

Clear and concise communication makes it easier for your right people to understand you.

And understanding is crucial to selling. I’m going to find it difficult to buy your thing if we’re not speaking the same language.

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Vote for me

Vote MEIt’s election time in Malta.

They do it properly here: street parties, face-painting, blanket media bombing and scathing tit-for-tat accusations and counter-accusations.

This time around, politicians from both parties have been reported to the police, or hit with libel suits, or dragged through the gutter press amidst rumors of blackmail, nepotism and even drug-dealing.

It’s exciting stuff, although I can’t imagine a less forgiving way to spend your days than pursuing a career in politics.

That’s better left to the professionals.

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