How I Tripled My Sales Earnings In One Day

Juggling salesNot many people know this, but for a long time I was a street performer.

From the age of twelve I’d stake my pitch on a street corner, put a raggedy denim hat on the ground, and throw balls, knives and flaming clubs in the air for the entertainment of passing shoppers.

Sometimes I got moved on by officious traffic wardens or storekeepers who tired of my “witty” repartee.

But normally they’d leave me alone to earn my pocket money.

And it paid well.

Whilst my friends were earning a couple of pounds an hour cleaning cars or stacking shelves, I was doing a lot better.

But not better enough. At least, not for my liking.

You see, I’d judge a day based on my takings.

If the crowd was generous, I’d do OK. But they weren’t always inclined to be generous.

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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Sabotage Your Sales

IMG_0291Want to make fewer sales?

Or want to maintain the “no-sales” status quo?

Or perhaps you simply want an EXCUSE to justify why you’re not making sales at the moment?

You’re in luck! Pick any of the options from the list below:

1. Tweak your website

After all – nobody’s going to be interested in buying your stuff if your header logo doesn’t “represent” who you really are.

Aquamarine was last week’s color, right?

“I’m rebranding” is a perfectly legitimate reason for not making any sales this quarter.

2. Leave a long, thoughtful blog comment somewhere

Because then the author of the blog post will see that you are a long, thoughtful kind of person and you’ll “engage” them and then … profit?

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The Greatest Email I Ever Received

the best email everI get a lot of email about How To Get A Grip (that’s the “anti self-help” book I wrote a few years ago.)

Some correspondents are clearly insane.

Others make my day, like Marie from the UK, who wrote to me on Friday. You’ll see that I had no option but to share it with you.

I firstly want to thank you so much and very sincerely for writing your book, which has truly changed my life. I have been crippled my insecurity and self-defeating thoughts for as long as I can remember – but you’ve given me the mental shake I needed to see how ridiculous I have been – and done it in such a funny way that I frequently end up laughing at myself when you show me what I’ve been doing my whole life. Truly, Thank You.

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Touch me (please)

Touch me - personal brandingI get touched on a daily basis.

These touches take different forms. Sometimes it’s a smile. Sometimes it’s something you say, or do. Sometimes it’s just the way you make me think.

Sometimes it’s a slightly open-mouthed kiss. (More of those, please).

Candice works the checkout at Fresh Market in Coconut Grove. She says “thank you, sweetheart” when I buy my groceries. I imagine she says it to everybody, but when she says it to me, I feel like the only person in the room.

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Save The Whales (And Your Target Market)

How to choose a target marketStop me if you’ve heard this before

You need a target market.

The tighter the better.

Tighter than a gnat’s chuff, I’d venture.

Here’s why:

When you have a clearly defined target market, you’ll know where to show up to do your marketing.

By means of example:

You and a buddy – let’s call him Mike – are collecting money to Save The Whales.

You’re both given a collecting tin and you have two hours to go off chugging. (This is a UK term for “charity mugging”).

You go to a Japanese fishing port.

Mike goes to Seaworld in San Diego.

You both have similar remit: approach as many people as possible and say “spare some change to save the whales?”

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Mark Cuban On Selling

Mark Cuban on selling, from “How To Win At The Sport Of Business

If you can sell, you can get a job – anywhere, anytime.

What makes a good salesperson?

Let me be clear that it’s not the person who can talk someone into anything. It’s not the hustler who is a smooth talker. The best salespeople are the ones who put themselves in their customer’s shoes and provide a solution that makes the customer happy.

The best salesperson is the one the customer trusts and never has to question.

The best salesperson is the one who knows that with every cold call made, he is closer to helping someone.

The best salesperson is the one who takes immense satisfaction from the satisfaction her customer gets.

The best salesperson is the one who wakes up early every morning excited to come to the officem get on the phone and let people know exactlyt why he loves his product, job and clients.

Every single person on this planet can learn to be a great salesperson. All you have to do is put in the effort and care about your company, your prospects and your customers.