How To Grow Your Business When Nobody Has Heard Of You

Danny InyIt’s tough trying to grow your business when nobody has heard of you.

And it’s tougher still to sell stuff to people who don’t know your name.

But there’s hope.

Look at this example:

Two years ago nobody had heard of Danny Iny.

(BTW, I’m doing an open live training session with him this Friday)

Out of nowhere (relatively), this happened:

  • He sold 800 copies of his online course – Write Like Freddy – at $137 a pop (do the math).
  • He got 7,568 subscribers in a 5 month period.
  • He edited and published a bestselling book, “Engagement from Scratch” with 100+ 5-star reviews on Amazon.
  • He got some of the biggest names in online marketing, content creation and audience-building on speed-dial.
  • He wrote for Copyblogger, Problogger, Get Rich Slowly, Think Traffic, Smashing Magazine and KissMetrics – amongst a host of others.

Imagine what your business would look like if you could replicate that.

Imagine the amount of exposure and opportunity you’d have if you could only get a FRACTION of that marketing reach.

Because Danny got opportunity and exposure (and business) aplenty.

And he puts it all down to his Secret Sauce – (which is a system and not a magic trick.)

I’m doing a live training event with Danny this Friday, 25th January, at 11am Eastern

Click here to register.

You see, I’m lucky enough to be in a mastermind group with Danny.

He’s delivered some VERY POWERFUL trainings in the past to his subscribers.

(If you’re already subscribed to his stuff, like I am, you will already have seen this and you can skip the rest of this email.)

I asked him to deliver the same training for you: handsome, loquacious and downright masterful reader of my daily missives.

Here’s what we’re covering this Friday:

  • The step-by-step blueprint that Danny used to grow Firepole Marketing – his blog – from nothing to a multiple-six-figure business (that you can use, too!)
  • The most important traffic strategy that real experts use (but aren’t teaching)
  • Why being authentic is the BEST way to make the MOST money (and the only safe strategy in 2013)
  • The counter-intuitive (but totally legit) way to get better results by doing much less work (this is the exact OPPOSITE of what most “gurus” are teaching!)
  • The two most important metrics for any online business (hint: neither of them is traffic)
  • How you can realistically replace a full-time income THIS YEAR

And more.

You know me – I recommend only stuff I recommend (right?). Life’s too short to listen to assholes pontificate about “theory”. This is meat and bone and gristle stuff.

I recommend you join us.

I’ll be doing much more free training this year (calendar is already filling up).

BUT I won’t do another one with Danny, and there will NOT be a recording of this training session.

–> Click here to register

I’ll be there. Will you?


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How To Fast-Track Relationship Building And Make Friends More Quickly

make_friendsThe problem with email newsletters as a selling tool is that they’re impersonal.

And impersonal isn’t optimum for selling high-value services to interested prospects.

Sure, we can add clever bits of code to automagically insert YOUR FIRST NAME into the email to make it look personal.

But it’s not the same.

(Besides, you might not be collecting first names.)

Plus, the people who read what you send them are unlikely to be fooled so easily.

So, if you currently get a trickle of new newsletter subscribers every day, here’s something you might like to try:

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Friday Freebie: $20 Amazon Book “Engagement from Scratch”

Engagement From ScratchMy buddy Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing (who put together the brilliant “Write Like Freddy” last year) is giving away his 241-page book “Engagement from Scratch” right now.

Click here to get it (no strings).

I’d also recommend you watch the 8-minute video – if you get to the 4 minute 12 second mark, you’ll definitely want to watch the rest.

The book isn’t a crappy ebook. It’s an Amazon bestseller with 100+ 5-star reviews.

It’s about how to better build community (and business, of course) using the internet.

You’ll learn:

  • How Guy Kawasaki’s pillars of enchantment can make people love you
  • Brian Clark’s fool-proof method for finding exactly what people will buy
  • Why building an audience is like starting a riot in London (Blog Tyrant)
  • Derek Halpern’s formula for creating wildly popular blogs
  • How to apply the 5 levels of networking like a superstar (Marcus Sheridan)
  • Why your natural fear of engagement does not matter (Corbett Barr)
  • How Alex Osterwalder built an audience with innovative business models
  • How to get the whole internet to help you (Evan Carmichael)

Click here to get your hands on it.

Because we all love a freebie, right?

I’m taking the weekend off. You should, too.


PS I’m doing a webinar with Danny next week. Keep your eyes open.
PPS If you prefer to go ahead and buy it from Amazon, be my guest ;-)

Cold Calling Sucks, But Here’s Why I Do It

Cold CallingWow, if my inbox is anything to go by, cold calling is the worst thing in the world.

By means of example, Dov Gordon – marketer extraordinaire (and mastermind buddy of mine) – wrote me this after yesterday’s email. He said:

I’m curious as to how telling your list that you’re cold calling four hours a day reinforces your image as someone go can help them with marketing.

Seems like it would hurt not help. No?

My response:

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The Sweaty, Oily Truth About Sweat And Oil

It takes hard workI’ve become a partner in a recruitment company (again).

We find jobs for people and people for jobs. In this case, jobs in the oil, gas and maritime industries.

It’s not a very sexy business.

We’re sending underwater welders, oil rig technicians, shipping engineers and freight forwarding experts around the world to work in very cold, very hot and very inhospitable places.

It’s the kind of work that makes the world go round.

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BANG! on the money

crystalballSo yesterday I gave you some predictions about how our webinar would fare.

I also said I’d tell you WHY we do the Project Program (because we certainly don’t do it for the cash).

In actual fact, somebody said on my Facebook page:

“is this a good will project? how is this profitable at all and worth your time?”

and I’ll get to that in a minute.

But first: the predictions:

I was BANG on the money.

  • 418 registered.
  • 149 showed up (36% – I guessed 35%)
  • 17 people grabbed spots in the program (11% – I guessed 10-20%)

And we sold out.

We’re keeping the doors open a little longer just in case, you know, you’re one of those people who always get in touch to say “argh! I missed it! Can I get in?”

(The answer is yes, but be quick.)

And if you want to watch the webinar, the replay is here.

And now, WHY we do it.

Because it ain’t for the cash.

We do it because it’s huge fun.
We do it because it’s what we’re meant to do.
And we do it for the future.

(Also called the backend.)

There is NO upsell to the Project Program.

But after working with me intensively for 4 weeks at a very low price, there’s a strong chance (about 10%, seeing as I’m getting good at this) that you’ll re-up for something longer term.

On the backend of the last Project Program, I booked $18k in private consulting.

So you see why it’s worth doing.

Each time we run a program like this, we build a list of buyers.

And I’d rather have a list of 30 buyers who like me, than 3000 email addresses of relatively unknown prospects.

Every day of the week.

So, your two tasks for the day:

1. Make sure your best people can make small investments in your offerings. The right people will make bigger investments later.

No small offerings to offer? Create some.

2. Watch the replay of our Incredibly Productive Webinar. You’ll enjoy it.

That’s all for today, folks.