How to write a 3 step business plan in ten minutes or less

Business planning 101*FADE IN*

Late at night, after a couple of slugs of Lagavulin and a medium rare ribeye, a helicopter lands noisily in your back yard.

Three men in balaclavas jump out, stick a black hood over your head and bundle you in the back of the chopper.

You ascend quickly, accelerating northeasterly at a rapid click.

After forty-five minutes a rope is tied around your midriff and you’re thrown unceremoniously from the cabin. It’s only six feet to the ground, but you land with a thud, bruising your coccyx.

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How To Be Remarkably Different, Forever, In The Next Five Minutes

nameThere are two ways to dominate a niche, or conquer a category.

One is difficult, and one is easy.

The difficult way is to identify a broad swathe of services you want to become known for and take baby steps (or even giant leaps) to dominate it with your expertise, charm and application.

The easy way is to create your own category and own it from day one.

And that’s pretty straightforward to do. You just need to give it a name.

It’s THAT simple.

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BNI – bad for your bowels?

Business Networking

WARNING: This email contains references to the Soviet gulags, digestive tracts and networking events. If you find any three of these topics distasteful, you might like to skip over this one.

A friend of mine took me to a networking event this morning.

I’ve always felt a little “meh” about networking events, but he said I’d make him look good, so I agreed to go.

It started at 7am.

Early mornings always get me thinking about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Here’s why:

Solzhenitsyn, in “One Day in the Life of Ivan Ivanisovich” writes about the morning routine in a Soviet-era labor camp.

It’s a vivid and harrowing story. You should read it.

He also makes the physiologically correct assertion that trying to take a crap too soon upon waking is very, very difficult.

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Some Horrible Things I Have Said

Sales devilI’ve not always been the handsome, warm-hearted gent you know and love today.

(Well, I’ve always been handsome.)

Some of my less-elegant moments are outlined below.

But first – because everybody loves a scoundrel – I want to invite you on a date (no spooning.)

Dov Gordon – fellow resident of (other side of) Mediterranea – is doing a webinar next week.

“How To Elegantly Control Your Next Sales Conversation”

Because it’s entirely relevant to my message, I’m going along as an attendee. Based on Dov’s past form, it’s going to be worth my while.

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How I Tripled My Sales Earnings In One Day

Juggling salesNot many people know this, but for a long time I was a street performer.

From the age of twelve I’d stake my pitch on a street corner, put a raggedy denim hat on the ground, and throw balls, knives and flaming clubs in the air for the entertainment of passing shoppers.

Sometimes I got moved on by officious traffic wardens or storekeepers who tired of my “witty” repartee.

But normally they’d leave me alone to earn my pocket money.

And it paid well.

Whilst my friends were earning a couple of pounds an hour cleaning cars or stacking shelves, I was doing a lot better.

But not better enough. At least, not for my liking.

You see, I’d judge a day based on my takings.

If the crowd was generous, I’d do OK. But they weren’t always inclined to be generous.

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