You Might As Well Just Give Up

give_upIt’s not easy to make a living on your own.

It’s MUCH easier to be employed.

It’s easy to absolve yourself of the responsibility of choosing your direction, deciding on your pace and steering yourself towards your own destination.

It’s easy to clock in and clock out and know exactly how much is hitting your bank account at the end of the month.

It’s easy to be a passenger. You can fall asleep in the back seat while the driver stays awake all night, running on fumes and caffeine.

When you’re employed, you have the luxury of following orders.

When you’re employed, you have the beautiful liberty that goes with switching off at the end of the day.

There are always other people who will carry the can for you.

When you’re feeling under the weather, you can phone in sick and you know that the world won’t fall apart. The deals will get done, the orders will be fulfilled and the department will function just as it did before you even existed.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t hark, to some degree, for somebody to tell me what to do. For somebody to say “don’t worry – I’ll take care of that. Take a coffee break.

I’d be lying if I said it was any different.

And all of us self-employed folk feel like that from time to time. (Yes, even those client-getting experts you look up to for advice and encouragement.)

Running your own business is not always easy or fun.

Like running a marathon, it can be thoroughly miserable, intimidating and painful.

But when you reach the finish line, you know why you did it.

The thing is, in business, there isn’t always a clear finish line. You can’t always measure your successes tangibly and reward yourself with a steak dinner, ice bath and a bottle of Cabernet.

Which is why we’ve put together the Project Program.

It’s for measuring something specific. It’s for celebrating the success of achieving an important goal.

It starts next week and it’s for you if want the structure and accountability to help you succeed, to help you remember why you got into business in the first place, and to get some serious doing done.

Register for the webinar on Monday.

Read the ebook.

Reserve your spot.

We’ll make the hard part of running of your business just that little bit easier.

Free Ebook: How To Be Really F***ing Productive

How To Be Really ProductiveBecause I’m a glutton for punishment … but a PRODUCTIVE glutton for punishment, I’ve spent my last day in Las Vegas locked in my room at the Rio putting together a new 19-page ebook for you.

You can grab it here:

How To Be Really F***ing Productive

We don’t need your email address or your credit card or anything, you can just click the link and start reading.

This is all part of the push to get you onboard with the Project Program, of course.

If you haven’t registered for Monday’s webinar, you can do that here.

(So many links! Overwhelm!)

See you tomorrow kids.

How To Be Insanely Productive: New Webinar

How To Be Insanely Productive For All You Workhorses Out ThereAnnouncing a free webinar next Monday:

“How To Have The Most Productive Four Weeks Of Your Life”

Reserve your spot now

Even if you don’t make it, you’ll have access to the recordings and the all-new improved guide:

“How To Be Really F***ing Productive”

(I think I’m going to be allowed to call it that, have to check with Natalie first.)

It’s a short webinar that delves into the productivity secrets of the highly efficient.

We’ll show you how to get more done in a day than most people do in a week, and how to get more done in a month than most  people do in a year.

We’ll be pimping the Project Program at the end, of course, but I promise you’ll find HUGE value out of attending the webinar, even if you’re not interested in having an insanely productive four weeks with us in our paid program.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Did I mention it’s free?

You rock!


PS if you prefer to just go right ahead and register for the Project Program, then you need to click here instead

How Much I Got Paid For Writing A Book

Writing a book doesn't pay very muchHow To Get A Grip was written about three years ago in the space of two weeks.

I think my total earnings so far have been less than £4,000 (that’s about $5,000).

Nothing to get excited about, then.

I’ve just paid off the advance, which means I can expect to cash a couple of small checks in the future. I’m certain they won’t be much to write home about, either.

That said – and this was a pleasant surprise – the publishers recently put the Kindle version into an Amazon UK Christmas sale.

Priced at 99 pence (just over a dollar) it surged its way up the charts and has been sitting pretty in the top 100 of ALL Amazon Kindle books in the UK for the last few weeks.

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The Big Lie We Tell Ourselves About Pricing

Free Money. So I’m sitting in a bar at the Rio in Vegas this weekend, and each drink is about $9.

The bar was ok, but a little “away from the action”. I wasn’t getting thrown any of those shiny bead necklaces, for example.

And I wasn’t getting hit on by any tipsy bachelorette parties.

Now I’m over 30 it’s nice to know I’ve still “got it” (if I ever had it).

So I move to another bar, about 50 feet away in the same casino. It’s almost identical, but it’s a little closer to the party.

The drinks at this bar are 25% more expensive at $12.

Now, conventional wisdom would tell you that pricing like that is ridiculous. After all, there’s a bar 50 feet away IN THE SAME BUILDING that’s charging less.

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Eat Rice With A Spoon (and other ways to make life easier)

Use a spoon - it's easierWhen I finished high school I went to live in Malaysia.

I was going to teach French to some of the richest, most privileged kids in the Far East, none of whom had the need or slightest inclination to speak French.

Wanting to fit in, I decided to learn chopsticks.

(Not the piano piece – the food picker-upper.)

I wasn’t going to be embarrassed by my foreignness. No sir!

Instead, I’d swan around effortlessly, sarong-clad and bronzed, deeply inhaling clove cigarettes and brandishing chopsticks like a true chopstick expert.

And you know, I got pretty good …

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