I’m about to lose all my money

Poker face

Every 26th December I play in a big poker game.

I try not to play more frequently than once a year because I suck hard.

I get over-excited and I sweat. It’s not pretty.

My poker face holds up well enough. Then, I polish off my third or fourth beer and you can read me like an open oversized-print kid’s book.

But I play because it’s fun. I play because it gets me out of the house. I play because that’s what men are *supposed* to do, right?

And I always lose.

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Would YOU buy it?

How To Get A Grip

Yep, I buy my own stuff.

I used to work in an industry that I won’t name.

Our product wasn’t very good.

In fact, it was understood that we would never buy the thing we were selling, and we certainly wouldn’t sell it to our grandmothers.

I didn’t stay in the industry long.

Would YOU buy YOUR stuff?

Specifically, would you buy your stuff at the price you ask your customers to pay?

If not, that should probably change.

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Small Business Owners: How To Spend Your Money

Coffee, obviouslyYou’ve got to spend money if you’re a small business owner. Here are the non-negotiables:

1. Household Help

If you’re self-employed, you’re not billing your clients if you’re doing the dishes, ironing your pants or taking out the trash. Unless that is your job, of course. Additionally, you’re not going to be at the top of your game if you come home to heap of domestic chores that need doing every single night.

Find a cleaner that charges less than you do. You’re giving something back to the community, spreading the wealth and giving yourself crucial cocktail time. High five on your first outsourcing gig.

2. Number crunchers

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Free Sales Training: How To Get A World Class Sales Education For Nothing

Free Sales TrainingFree sales training exists, but it’s difficult to find the really good stuff. So here’s a treat.

Free Sales Training: A World Class Education

First, quit your job. Cut off all forms of funding.

Take a minimum-wage gig in a call center, phoning disinterested homeowners at mealtimes. Convince them that their windows need replacing. Be successful sometimes.

Once you’re accustomed to the vitriol, hatred and rejection, move up a gear. Sell the same thing door-to-door in rundown neighborhoods, in the snow and in the rain. Be successful sometimes.

When your shoes are worn out and your patter is honed, drop the safety net and go commission-only.

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Email Productivity: How To Make Email Your Bitch

You’re suffocating in email. Your email productivity is negative.

You clear it out each evening (yeah, right. Like I go “jogging” as far as the pub) and then it comes back to bite you in the ass the very next morning, rather like that last Johnny Walker Black.

Here’s how to fix that, definitively (the email, not the latent alcoholism). Follow each step below and you’ll be back to sipping margaritas in a bath full of warm goat’s milk and honey in no time. Watch your email productivity sky-rocket.

Which definitely won’t help the emergent dipsomaniac in you.

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