How To Create Recurring Evernote Reminders

Evernote remindersRecurring Evernote reminders are on the way, according to this interview with Evernote CEO, Chris Philbin.

In the meantime, here’s how you can set up recurring reminders in the next few minutes.

Recurring Evernote Reminders Hack

FIRST: You’ve got to have a system for using Evernote that borrows from something like David Allen’s GTD. (Although you might know I’m not a huge fan of the bells and whistles and prefer a more simplistic approach.)

Simply put, the system you’ll need to have in place is one that uses a single Evernote notebook as your default dumping ground. Let’s call it @INBOX (the @ symbol means it will stick to the top of your favorites list in your Evernote sidebar.)

Nothing should ever remain in your @INBOX once you’ve reviewed it. Where you put it is up to you, but don’t leave it in your default notebook. That’s for processing only.

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Professional Relationship Building: A Step-By-Step Guide

Better professional relationships with ContactuallyBuilding strong professional relationships is one of the most important daily activities you should be doing as a small business owner. Here’s a guide.

Professional Relationship Building 101

It’s not what you know, but WHO you know, right?

And further: it’s not WHO you know, but who knows WHAT you know.

(Hat tip to Michael Port for that one.)

So before you start the tough slog of marketing to unknowns, how about you start by plucking the low-hanging fruit of building better relationships?

Because when it comes to “marketing”, you might well be running before you’re ready, and there’s some gentle course correction needed.

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This Mindset Problem Is Killing You (And Your Business)

Sales confidenceWe like to be told what to do – we have a natural attraction to authority.

In times of crisis, we look for the person in charge.

Even in times of nothing-like-crisis, we appreciate being given instructions.

Instructions give us security. With instructions we know where we’re going.

Your prospects appreciate being given instructions, too.

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Beware the “fluffers” who’ll put you out of business

NOTE: This was a subscribers-only email that got me my largest number of complaints so far. If you’re not a subscriber yet, just sign up here. I write emails like this one regularly, most days in fact. 


No image available, you'll be pleased to hear.

So I figure that one of the worst jobs in the world has got to be the job of the fluffer.

A fluffer works on adult film sets. It’s their job (I’m using a gender-neutral pronoun, as both men and women get to do it) to keep the male talent “on form” in between takes.

A fluffer keeps the star of the show excited, but doesn’t give him any satisfaction.

They stroke, but they don’t seal the deal.

… and I’m guessing a lot of your prospects are like that.

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