This Mindset Problem Is Killing You (And Your Business)

Sales confidenceWe like to be told what to do – we have a natural attraction to authority.

In times of crisis, we look for the person in charge.

Even in times of nothing-like-crisis, we appreciate being given instructions.

Instructions give us security. With instructions we know where we’re going.

Your prospects appreciate being given instructions, too.

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Beware the “fluffers” who’ll put you out of business

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So I figure that one of the worst jobs in the world has got to be the job of the fluffer.

A fluffer works on adult film sets. It’s their job (I’m using a gender-neutral pronoun, as both men and women get to do it) to keep the male talent “on form” in between takes.

A fluffer keeps the star of the show excited, but doesn’t give him any satisfaction.

They stroke, but they don’t seal the deal.

… and I’m guessing a lot of your prospects are like that.

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Sell It Like You Stole It

Sell it like you stole itWhen I want a beer, I want one NOW. The instant gratification that comes with the first gulp of gizzard-numbing goodness can’t be kept from me for too long, or I start to get antsy.

Similarly, when you’ve got a yearning for a sugar rush and you’re waiting in line at the Hole Foods Donut Emporium, the line always moves too slowly.

When we’re on hold for customer service, or when we’re drumming our fingers as a YouTube video loads, or when we’re waiting for the lottery results, we can’t get satisfied quickly enough.

Because when we want something … really want something … we want it now.

So here’s my quandary:

Lots of people I meet tell me how badly they want more customers, more clients, more sales, more bling.

But their sales activity belies them.

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Beware the all-you-can-eat buyer

All You Can Eat Buyers Are GluttonsJust had a conversation that went like this:

Prospect: “So, what do I get for my $97 a month?”

Me: “Used carefully, more clients.”

Him: “OK, but, like, how many calls?”

Me: “Two.”

Him: “That’s not very many.”

Me: “Oh, you can certainly have more.”

Him: “Oh yes?”

Me: “Yes, you can hire me privately and we can talk whenever you want. That starts at $1500 a month.”

Him: “Right, but I was hoping to get more calls for $97 a month.”

Me: “We could arrange that, too, so long as you’re not fussy about WHO you speak with. My three-year-old will sing ‘5 Little Monkeys’ down the phone at you for HOURS if you want. I can let you have that for free.”

Of course, the conversation didn’t go exactly like that. But it should have.

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