In Search of ‘Appiness

Walking back to appinessI bought an app to help me drink more water.

yep – actually spent COLD HARD CASH on an app to remind me to drink water, the most BASIC of human survival instincts.

Which goes to show two things:

Firstly, there’s an app (or a product) for everything, no matter how inane … and …

Secondly … I probably shouldn’t be allowed to do anything without adult supervision.

You want to know what triggered this email, by the way?

What triggered this email is that I saw an app that tells you WHEN TO GO TO THE TOILET during a movie.

In all seriousness. We have abdicated responsibility for our essential being-ness to a pile of javascript and a fancy UI.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about this app is that it didn’t work.

I mean, technically it worked OK. It let off a buzzer ever couple of hours to remind me to drink more water.

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[Download] 53 minutes of audio joy on marketing, selling and more

Self Employment Mastery

I have a new office. I’ll stick a picture up tomorrow

But for now, just know that it’s a big, cavernous, empty space, that’s missing your face.

Which is why today I’d like you to think about jumping on-board the More Clients Mastermind.

But I’m not going to give you a sales pitch.

Instead, I’m going to send you over to listen to an interview I did recently.

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How To Be Reasonably Successful

Reasonable SuccessLet’s talk about being “reasonably successful.”

Not because you don’t want to be a raging success. Of course you do. We all do.

Raging success, however, is a poorly-defined goal for most of us. We all have our own version of it. One man’s success is another man’s dismal stop-gap, slopping out latrines at summer music festivals.

We occasionally hear of people who claim to be “scared of success”. I don’t believe that. I don’t think anybody is scared of success.

After all, if the ethereal “success” we seek was handed to us on a plate, we’d take it, scarf it down, belch and say “thank you”.

We’re more likely afraid of the hard work that leads to success: because we’re not convinced that the legwork is worth the payoff.

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Alcohol, religion and control

Believe in salesI’m not in the least bit religious.

But there’s a lot of beauty to be found in religion and its artifacts.

Most of the prayer of St. Francis, for example, is a pretty good maxim to live by:

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
[…] Where there is sadness, joy.

In fact, we have a solid commandment in the More Clients Mastermind:

“Thou shalt not be a dick.”

Do good and be kind. (Or, in the words of Marcus Aurelius: “If it’s not good, don’t do it, and if it’s not true, don’t say it.”)

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Don’t sell polished turds (and other cautionary tales)

selling for the wrong reasonsI’ve made sales – hundreds or thousands – over my long and sometimes-illustrious and sometimes-grubby-and-desperate career.

I’ve made sales because I’ve said the right thing at the right time, or the right thing frequently enough, or the right thing just once to the wrong person who then went and passed the message onto the right person.

I’ve polished turds to sell to people who really didn’t need polished turds.

I’ve done my best to force people to buy things that I knew they needed … they just didn’t know it yet.

I’ve won business because of prospects wanting to sleep with me.

I’ve won – and lost – business because I wanted to sleep with the prospect.

I’ve lost sales because I’ve been lazy, or inconsistent, or stoopid. I’ve lost business because my mind was in other places when it should have been on the money.

I’ve been surprised when some dead-beat pulled out a black Amex. I’ve been burned by others I thought were a shoe-in (or a lay-down).

But despite all of these lessons, selling never gets easier.

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