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How To Get Your Very First Client

Yep, all of these smart folk will share with you how they got their first client

Tripp Lanier, Michael Port, Johnny B Truant, Michelle Pfennighaus, Ashley Ambirge, Laura Belgray, Marc Quinn, Ryan Healy and Tim Brownson share their client-getting secrets.

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I interviewed 9 smart-as-hell entrepeneurs about how they got their very first client. Not the second, or the third, but that elusive first person who was willing to spend money with them. Back then I didn’t get the word out nearly enough – I was too busy gallivanting around the west coast of the USA on a sponsored road-trip.

But these are VERY good and VERY important (and VERY free)

All in all, there is 2.5 hours of interviews, the longest being 20 minutes, with immediately actionable tips on getting clients into your business as quickly as possible.

Up until now you had to listen to these online, but now you can download them to your computer, or iPod, or boombox, or whatever, and listen to them at your leisure.

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Here’s more on who they are:

  • Ashley Ambirge – The ballsy founder of The Middle Finger Project gives it to you straight.
  • Marc Quinn – Website designer to the rich and famous talks incisively about client-getting tactics.
  • Michelle Pfennighaus – Health coach and movie star shows you how it’s done.
  • Tim Brownson – Life coach and international man of mystery tells you his inspiring story.
  • Johnny B Truant– Author, philanthropist and all-round tall-guy gives it all up for your satisfaction.
  • Ryan Healy – The Most Referred Direct Response Copywriter On The InternetTM on the fundamentals of client-getting.
  • Laura Belgray – Television tag-line scribe, humorist and copywriter on nepotism and making things happen.
  • Michael Port – New York Times bestselling author and devotee of the business-building lifestyle on humble beginnings.
  • Tripp Lanier – Man’s coach and host of the New Man Podcast talks about his own illuminating story.

So check it out. You’re going to find LOADS of inspiration. Listen to a couple of interviews, then, download all nine of them onto your computer and carry them with you forever.

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