How To Make Horizontal Forms In WordPress

You can easily create horizontal WordPress email optin-forms for Infusionsoft, Aweber and pretty much anything else using the tools below.

Horizontal opt-in forms for capturing leads on your WordPress website used to be a massive headache.

It’s been on my list of “things to find a solution to” for ages. They look so much better.

You used to need to get a developer to strip down the code generated for you by your mailing provider, add some fancy CSS and graphics, and then implement.

But – hallelujah! I’ve recently found three easy solutions that don’t need any programming experience.

OptinSkin – works anywhere

OptinSkin is a WordPress plugin that makes creating custom forms really simple.

You can add images, customize colors and size and text and borders (try the basic demo here).

You’re not limited to optin forms, either. You can add custom call to actions and the most popular social sharing buttons come inbuilt.

It works with pretty much every bulk mail provider you could wish for, including Feedburner, Aweber, and my personal favorite, Infusionsoft. It also integrates with others. See the full list here.

You can put the forms anywhere on your site, including inside WordPress posts, pages and sidebar widgets. It’s the most customizable, easy to implement solution out there. Oh, and it also does split-testing.

Check it out.

Theme-based options

I recently switched the design here at to skin called Marketers Delight by Alex at Kolakube. I’m thrilled with the results. It sits on top of Thesis, the framework for WordPress, and you’ll need Thesis before you can implement Alex’s skins.

One of the reasons I went for it, apart from the beautiful clean design, was the short-codes. You can insert horizontal optin forms (or regular optin forms) using a little bit of code. This is tiny bit trickier than the OptinSkin option, and you’ll have to be happy tinkering with code to get it to work for you. But I’m VERY happy with it.

The other option is Optimize Press – this is a WordPress theme that is a lot more than a theme, and you don’t have much – if any – control over the positioning of your form. But if you’re big on internet marketing and want to quickly design landing pages and squeeze pages, an investment in the (steep but quick) learning curve of Optimize Press will be well worth your time.


I use them all. Love them all for different reasons. But if you want the most flexibility for your forms, the OptinSkin is the way to go. That’s my affiliate link. I’ll get halfway around the world, First Class, if you click on it.