• Testimonials

Matthew is the consummate salesman and one of the few people who has you eating out of his hand even when you’re not hungry. In other words he’s mastered the art of selling in a truly genuine way and that’s why I seek him out for advice when I’m putting together offers and products to entice my community in the most authentic way possible.

Natalie Sisson – The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Matthew didn’t disappoint, I really appreciate his no fuss, practical approach. If you are serious about building your business, take this course, I must admit I did the course because I admire Matthew’s integrity and his skills, I didn’t take the training seriously , at first. I then saw what other people in the course were doing and the support they were getting, not only from Matthew but other members, pretty darn inspiring.

I now have more sales conversations than ever, know how to handle objections and I land more clients now by having conversations with them instead of hiding behind emails.

Loving it.

I would totally recommend this course and already have. Go you!

Jan Terkelsen – Team Building Expert

If you’re looking for “soft and fuzzy,” generic platitudes and cheerleading, with no real, concrete steps to put into practice, then Matthew isn’t the guy for you. He’ll tell you the truth (which includes the fact that You Rock!), show you exactly the steps to take (and why), and help you realize that the very best way to feel good about yourself is to get amazing results, doing what you love to do.

I highly recommend anything Matthew Kimberley has produced to anyone who asks -including my own clients! Do whatever you have to do to get into Matthew’s programs. I did, and I’ve never looked back.

Jos Willard – Business Coach

Man, do I hate selling. Actually, I did hate selling. What I learned from Matthew helped me change my thinking and my skills, which ultimately helped significantly change my revenue. His approach worked for me because it’s not complicated and it allows you to be your genuine self. At the same time he doesn’t kid around about what it’s going to take for you to succeed at growing your business. This isn’t magic, it’s just solid information that works. Apply what he suggests and you’ll make more money. And, he’s funny — which is a bonus.

Mary Kutheis – Coach, Speaker, Trainer

If you are struggling to get more clients and want to know how to sell—I know of no better sales trainer than Matthew Kimberley! He is exceptional.

Matthew’s sales advice is highly practical, succinct—and his approach to selling very effective and powerful!

If you sign up for Matthew’s sales training, he will convincingly show you that everyone can learn how to sell effectively and increase sales—even in a short space of time.

Matthew is a true game changer for anyone looking to improve their sales skills and succeed with their business!

Trond Varlid – Executive Management Expert

Matthew Kimberley is an absolute master coach of selling, persuasion and sales. His uniquely authentic approach is utterly refreshing. Having personally worked with him, I can attest to the breakthroughs in my sales and business. Plus, he’s a great dude to share a cocktail with.

Christopher Berry, Lawyer