I’ll be taking part in the Book Yourself Solid® Switzerland event in September. Watch my interview with the organizer, Andreas Wettstein, here:

The dates for Book Yourself Solid® Switzerland are 28th and 29th September. It’s taking place in Lutry, near Lausanne, in Switzerland. If you’re a small business owner, I’d love for you to join us.

I’ll be speaking on day two. But you’ll want to be there for both days.

Michael Port is the creator of Book Yourself Solid®. If you’re not familiar with it – it’s a business-building system that has changed the lives and fortunes of hundreds of thousands (probably more at this stage) of business owners the world over.

Get a copy of the book here on Amazon. I strongly recommended the “Illustrated” version in paperback, especially if you’re a visual learner

Find out more about Book Yourself Solid® here.

Take my own Book Yourself Solid® course as part of my School for Selling.